Debbie at home by the loch

After a career in advertising and travel, a move to rural Perthshire and a substantial break to raise a family, I came to this part of my creative life later than most. With no formal training at art college I have attended various art courses, one of which, a sculpting course, completely hooked me into the three dimensional image.

I love the versatility of clay, and I am fascinated by the making and creating of armatures. I became enchanted with the planes and shapes of muscle formation and the grace of body movement, and I concentrate on a more active not static or "momumental" approach. I believe that sculpture can capture the transgression of movement, a second in time, far better than painting or drawing.

My figures or animal sculptures are mostly in terracotta , cold cast or bronze, but I am enjoying experimenting with other mediums such as plaster of paris and plastercine. My inspiration comes from my environment and nature.